Out of the Blue – April 2021 Newsletter


Marketing Effectiveness

This month we are looking at the marketing effectiveness of the Covid-19 vaccine roll-out.

Reputation Boost

Pharmaceutical companies didn’t always have the best reputation. The nine biggest companies opted to not take shortcuts in their development of the vaccine and some promised to not profit from the roll-out. They have marketed their vaccine through various channels including online videos and since then, public opinions have improved.
Artificial intelligence has shaped advertisement design, most prominently in visual online spaces such as digital banners and social media posts.
NHS TV Adverts

The government have released TV adverts throughout the course of the pandemic about staying at home and saving lives. The NHS released a comedic campaign in February with Elton John and Michael Caine promoting how easy and safe the vaccine is to help influence older people to get their jab.
Consumer Confidence

The success of the vaccine roll-out has been reported across all news outlets and has allowed a roadmap of restrictions to be eased in the UK with many sectors opening back up. Consumer confidence is as high as its been for over a year, with the economy making a strong rebound.

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