Identify and Quantify


A new CMO of a European manufacturing company wanted to understand the business and understand where there were issues. There was data but it was in different areas of the company and sat on various systems.

  • Worked on-site to work with the client to extract the data
  • Analyse the data to give a overview of the business
  • Identify areas of concern and what required further analysis
  • Further analysis was required in Key Customers profitability and SKU proliferation
  • Reviewed, prioritised and reduce the number of SKUs
  • Immediately reduce unprofitable SKUs by 11%, and review of a further 12%  reduce manfacturing complexity. Making profitable SKUs. Improve lead times etc.
  • Identified customers,  across the key markets, to review as servicing is too expensive with the European Sales Directors
  • Delivered a dashboard for further analysis and prioritisation

£4m identified


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