UK Media Spend by Channel: from 1999 to 2018

Brightblue have built a dynamic chart showing the progression of UK media spend by channel over the past 20 years – worth noting the gains by PPC/Google seemingly to the expense of Press, whilst TV spend has remained strong. The big question is if this is the right media mix for effectiveness?

See the UK media spend by channel video below:

  • PPC and digital spend increases from a standing start in 2005 to being the largest and third largest channels in 2018
  • Digital spend increases come at the expense of Newsbrands which has seen investment reduce from £4.3bn in 2000 to £1.5bn in 2018
  • TV spend has grown in line with inflation over the period
  • Total media investment has increased by over £10bn from £9.5bn in 99’ to £19.7bn
  • Increase in Digital spend appears to have grown overall media investment. With media investment growing significantly above inflation since 1999. Note: total investment in 2018 would be £14bn if it had increased in line with inflation
  • The range of channels advertisers invest in have grown since the introduction of digital media.

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