Out of the Blue – June 2020 Newsletter


Protests and Pride Month

This month we are looking at the power of protests, taking a public stand and celebrating Pride Month.

How has the #BlackLivesMatter protest spread?
Solidarity marches were held around the world for the BlackLivesMatter protests. Trending hashtags such as #georgefloyd and #BLM show the power of how protests spread when people take to social media.
Where in the world is homosexuality legal?
Pride Month celebrates the influences of the LGBTQ community around the world. Parades are prominent in Pride Month as a way of protesting peacefully and raising awareness of current LGBTQ issues. This month the celebrations have been held online to maintain social distancing rules.
Do brands have a responsibility to society?
With an increase in social and political movements, consumers are expecting brands to take a public stand. Upholding brand values and communicating what they are doing to act on their societal responsibilities is becoming increasingly important to consumers.
What protests are happening around the world?
Check out Carnegie’s Global Protest Tracker which allows us to visualise protests that have taken place around the world since 2017 until present.

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