Preparing for 2021: Considerations for marketers

As we approach the end of 2020 (thank goodness!), marketers are turning their minds and media budgets to 2021. In today’s article we look at the significant changes to customer behaviour seen in 2020, and what that means for successful marketing in 2021.

2020 brought a significant boost for ecommerce, likely for good

With Covid-19 came global lock downs and significant restrictions to our day to day lives. This forced more consumers online, some for the first time, with online grocery shopping becoming the norm across all demographics. With a significant change to buying behaviour, marketers will want to recalibrate their understanding of their purchase pathway, to ensure they focus on the most important levers that drive sales.

Optimising digital channels in 2021 could be key for success

With continued COVID-19 restrictions running into 2021, digital is set to become increasingly important in the marketing mix, as consumers spend more time online. Money spent on digital is likely to pay dividends, as well as mitigating risk from government-imposed lockdowns.  

The challenge will be enhancing digital to mirror in-person experiences – examples so far include AR fitting rooms, personalised in-app offers and rewards, and addressable media. 

2021 will also mark the end of 3rd party cookies, making the activation of first party data even more important. Marketers will need to acquire data in a “privacy safe” way, and work hard to design and implement marketing that remains personal and relevant to the individual. 

How Brightblue can help: Measurement in a “cookieless” world

At Brightblue we focus on understanding your business – what’s working well, what are the key drivers of change, and quantifying media return on investment. With our REACT proposition we can provide key insights quickly, and optimise future media spend. 

Our MMM measurement tool is “cookieless”, so providing a future proof method for understanding and optimising digital within the wider marketing portfolio. 

 Some of the questions we can answer…

  • What could the impact of a second lock down be on your business? And possible mitigations
  • How can I optimise media to drive online sales?
  • Which digital touchpoints are working hardest?

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