Out of the Blue – September 2020 Newsletter


Return to Sport

This month we are looking at the recent return to major sports leagues across the globe, and the unusual effects that the Covid-19 pandemic has had upon them.

Does home advantage still count without a crowd?
Since professional sport has returned, the traditional “home advantage” has been called into question. Given the empty stadiums, it’s easy to understand why: but what effect has the loss of crowds actually had? The Economist investigates.
Who’s going to win the Premier League?
The English Premier League returned 2 weeks ago, the race is on to see if anyone can match Liverpool’s performance from last season: but who might have the best chance?  
Injury prevalence in the return to Baseball.
With Major League Baseball having returned to a shortened season, some teams having to play 2 matches in a day. But can the players keep up with this? This article explores the possible reasons for a spike of injuries in the 2020 season.
Is American Football losing popularity across the U.S?
The USA’s favourite sport returned earlier this month – the NFL is now in full swing across the pond. But does the wider sport of American Football have a popularity problem? Forbes explores this from a geographical perspective.

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Tom Watson

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