Out of the Blue – October 2020 Newsletter



This month we are looking at all things spooky, and how Halloween, as a retail event, impacts sales

Social media influence on Halloween spend in 2019

Find out how much social media influenced Halloween costume and decorations spend in America in 2019. 

And which social media channels had the most influence
The history of horror films

How many horror films are released per year? How highly rated are the best horror films? Does ‘The Shining’ deserve to be the best rated horror film? Find out more here
Which is America’s favourite candy?

Which would be your favourite? Candy corn (not made from actual corn), Reese’s Pieces, Snickers? Find out which ones are Americas top candies.
Retail expenditure in the UK on Halloween

How much does the UK spend on Halloween each year? Not as much as America it seems but click here to find out exactly how much

Until next month!

Claudio Paladini

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