Out of the Blue – November 2020 Newsletter


Presidential Election

This month we are looking at the impact President Trump has made to America and are there really discrepancies in the US voting system?

Did he make “America Great” again? 

Did he make it as strong as he said he did or was he just capitalising on the base set by Obama?
Trump was great for Mexicans, terrible for Coal

Did President Trumps plans for America match reality?
Campaign Advertising

Highlight: he spent 6.4 times as much in June 2020 compared to 2016: also pointing out the difference in funding/donations
What does the data tell us about election fraud?

Fact check: Deviation from Benford’s Law does not prove election fraud. 

Benford’s law states that in many naturally occurring sets of numbers, the first digits of these numbers (eg. the ‘1’ in ‘15’) are not evenly distributed

Until next month!

Max Dear

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