Out of the Blue – May 2021 Newsletter


European Football Championship

The summer is nearly here!!!

What better way to spend it than with football fever? This month we are taking a look at some exciting articles around data analytics and marketing, surrounding the Euros.

Can AI pick the winner of the Euros?
The questions older than time itself…who’s going to win? Well, in 2016, various entities predicted that very question. Using processes including the Markov Chain Monte Carlo method, many different entities including Goldman Sachs predicted the mighty, Les Bleus would triumph. France did get to the finale but lost out to Portugal, who according to GS, only had an eight percent chance of winning!!!
Broadcasting an increasingly important source of Revenue
This infographic from Statista highlights the importance of Broadcasting throughout the last seven European Championships. Between 2012 and 2016, this source grew by over twenty percent. With more of us at home this year and the championship spread throughout Europe I can’t imagine this number will be slowing down.  
Hands up if you like retro football ads….

The article looks at the creative side of advertising; recalling iconic adverts from three large sporting brands. My personal favourite is the Brazilian football team using their silky skills at the airport. I would definitely recommend watching the likes of Ronaldo, Denilson and Eric Cantona strut their stuff through baggage claim!!!
Free Advertising for the Euros?

According to the Drum, ITV are offering one lucky advertiser the opportunity to have a free prime time slot during the Final for the “most emotionally engaging campaign”. Brands better be quick however as the deadline is a month away (27th June) with the winner revealed a couple of days before the final.

Personally, I cannot wait until we can once again hear the chorus of fans singing “Heskey makes it Five” or the dream of England galloping to glory.

Until next month!

Luke. L

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