Out of the Blue – June 2019 Newsletter


We don’t like cricket… we love it!

Recent advancements in technology and a continued focus on data driven strategy in sport, has led to cricket becoming an increasingly data rich sport. So with this years’ Cricket World Cup in full spin, we take a look at just a few examples…

What data reveals about each
country’s World Cup chances
Using data from 1 day internationals over the past eight years, the Guardian have plotted how each country might fare at the World Cup. The data reveals strong all-round chances for the hosts, England (fingers
Every match played in the 1983 World Cup
England have hosted the most World Cups, with a total of 5. In 1983 India won their first ever World Cup and here Krunal Palande, has visualised the entire tournament, in one beautiful, clock style visual.
How data analytics is changing cricket
Teams are increasingly using advanced analytics to optimise player performance. Recent developments in tech has led to a much deeper understanding of how a batsman’ body responds to differing types and speed of bowling deliveries.
Cricket World Cup facts and figures!
A total of 48 matches will be played at 11 venues over six weeks, with the final taking place at Lord’s, in London, on July 14. Let’s see some fun statistics!

So if you’re following the cricket – best of luck to your team! If not- maybe this song will inspire you..


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