Out of the Blue – July 2019 Newsletter


Glastonbury Festival!

One of the biggest events in Europe, a five-day music festival attended by around 200,000 people! If you have been there before, you know what I mean! If you haven’t, this newsletter will give you an idea of the Glastonbury experience!!

So, how big is Glastonbury?
“The festival site covers over 1,100 acres with the outer fence covering 8 miles, but those are really just words and numbers, what we really want to see is the site compared to places we know!” 
Discover the weirdest stuff on music festivals!
This infographic will give you a rough idea of some random and fun facts and stats for music festivals!
The Tickets!
Have you ever wondered how much it costs to go to Glastonbury? You will probably be shocked when you see the prices for 2019 compared to 1979 when the festival tickets cost just £5 each!
Equality and Gender Gap.
It looks like UK Festivals work hard to attain a 50-50 gender balance. The aim is to achieve this by 2022, but what do the festival line-ups look like now?

So if you are thinking going to Glastonbury next year, you know what to expect!


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