Out of the Blue – September 2019 Newsletter


Amazon Rainforest – A global crisis??

The Amazon Rainforest is a topic that never fails to make global headlines, although not for the right reasons. The amount of concerning scientific data emphasizes the need for urgent political attention. However, the scale of this 5.5kmproblem makes us question whether or not we are too late to reverse the damage done?…

Amazon Key Facts and Figures
The Express has produced a visualization to show all the key facts on the sheer size of the Amazon rainforest and the diverse range of species that reside there!
Deforestation – What are the reasons?
Check out the main reasons why trees are disappearing at an alarming rate from the Amazon using the traffic light chart in this article.
Forest Fires – A media frenzy
The end of August was hit with forest fire headlines of the extreme devastation caused in such a small space of time. Here are the key visualizations produced by the BBC to show you the extent of the damage.
Could plant diets be the answer?
Is veganism just a growing trend or are there significant environmental benefits to following a plant-based diet. Here is all the data and key evidence you need to know on saving the planet one vegetable at a time!

From both the use of data and visual aids above, it is clear how complex the problems of the Amazon are. It essentially requires the global population to change basic habits from what we eat to the way we travel. So, the question is: are we up for the challenge?…

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