Out of the Blue – July 2020 Newsletter


We’re all wishing for a summer holiday

This month we are looking at the effect of COVID-19 on our holiday plans, the real cost of travelling abroad and why we should all take a holiday.

Why you should take a holiday

The data driven case for vacations! Check out Harvard Business Reviews case for making us all take a holiday. They have partnered with the U.S. Travel Association to more clearly understand the relationship between wellbeing and taking time off work.
The real cost of travel

Planes vs trains. Flights often seem to be the fastest and cheapest travel options. That’s not so, as DW’s data visualizations show. Factoring in transit time and environmental damage, here’s how to assess the true costs of travel.
Which countries will be most affected by the global slowdown in movement

As COVID-19 severely impacts the global tourism industry, sustained losses could lead to catastrophic results.
Plan a staycation

Travel bans and risks caused by the pandemic have made it much less likely for us to be packing our bags for an exotic holiday anytime soon. Check out City Suites article on the stats around staycations in 2020.

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