Out of the Blue – January 2021 Newsletter


Ways the world has changed

This month we are looking at the longer-term impacts of the pandemic on the business world.

It’s time to Invest in a Comfy home office chair

A study by Slack found that 72% of people would prefer a mix of remote and office work, a hybrid approach. Not only are employees enjoying this new way of working- there are benefits for employers too.
Business Travel Will Never Look The Same

Now that many businesses have realised the success of digital client meetings, some may continue to operate this way, rather than travelling to carry out traditional face-to-face meetings.
Coronavirus and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The pandemic has provided the chance and incentive to experiment with technologies, and permanent shift in behaviour means there is a need to invest in new technologies and implement new infrastructures.

As lockdown forced many shops to close, shoppers were forced to browse and order online. A study by UNCTAD suggests that changes in online activities are likely to outlast the COVID-19 pandemic. This means businesses, should prepare to capture e-commerce growth opportunities

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