Out of the Blue – February 2021 Newsletter


Mental Health during the Pandemic

This month we are looking at how COVID-19 has impacted our Mental Health and why our mental health is as important as our physical health

Worldwide Impact

A survey carried out by The Commonwealth fund and SSRS shows that a quarter of respondents in the UK and a third of respondents in the USA have experienced a negative impact on their mental health during the pandemic such as stress or anxiety.
What is driving mental health problems during the pandemic

According to an ONS Survey, stress and anxiety have been the two largest drivers of mental health deterioration during the pandemic.
How mental health is experienced across different groups

In this Global Web Index Health survey some groups, such as healthcare workers, were reported as more likely to experience mental health issues.
Taking mental health in our own hands

Going for walks and staying in contact with friends and family are some of the ways in which participants of the MentalHealth.org survey managed to reduce stress.

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