Out of the Blue – Apr/May 2019 Newsletter


As we move closer to summer lets enjoy sunshine, international chocolate eggs and an abundance of bank holidays!

Let’s go back to Easter and the days off, with this month’s newsletter.

The EU is small but mighty when it comes to cocoa consumption
Chocolate and cocoa production is big business! With Europe consuming almost half of all production, it is not surprising Easter celebrations are a big event throughout the continent.

The cost of doing big business
With the growing demand of chocolate and a strained production process, experts believe we may run out of afforadle suppliers within 20 years. Find out more here.

Does your age define your favorite chocolate bar? 
Once upon a time Dairy Milk may have been the only chocolate bar you knew, but did you really like it? This chart illustrates how consumers in the UK chocolate preferences have changed with age.
Are you going through a similar chocolate timeline with age?

If we are not celebrating a bank holiday, someone else is!
An amazing bank holiday data visualization built in tableau, explores bank holidays by day by country! Ever need a reason to celebrate, here is your answer that will give you a reason for nearly every single day of the year!

We all have a sweet tooth at some stage in life. Enjoy!

Happy holidays,


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