Out of the Blue – May 2020 Newsletter


Entertainment whilst WfH

This month we are looking at TV Shows, Music and Online Shopping performances during the pandemic and throughout the years.

Guess what’s the most popular song on Spotify?
Due to the vast majority of us now working at home during the current situation we are more likely to be listening to music to make up for the lack of office chit-chat. This chart shows the proportion of an artists biggest hit to their number of total Spotify listens.
Who knew a show about a group of Science PHd’s would be so popular?
With fewer activities to keep us busy, many of us have found ourselves watching more TV than normal. This visualisation shows the most popular TV shows over time.
YouTube Evolution
With the growth in YouTube as a media channel it’s interesting to see how what was once a video sharing site for individual creators has now seen a large growth in channels for corporate brands. This shows the evolution of the top 100 YouTubers from 2010 to 2019.
Online Shopping reaching highest levels
It’s no secret that the balance of retail to online shopping has been trending upwards since the advent of the internet. During the time of Covid-19 this proportion has understandably shot-up to never before seen levels.

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