Do seasonal campaigns work?

People love to celebrate seasonal events such as Easter, Christmas, Pancake Day and the list goes on…  On the other hand, marketers love to make the most of any occasion. Seasonal advertising can help marketers satisfy the consumers’ need for a specific product or occasion. Various products see a boost in ROI during different events. Think about Valentine’s Day that is full of love cards and red roses and compare it with Easter which is the biggest celebration involving Easter Eggs and Chocolate.  

Four fundamental elements of Marketing Mix Modelling, usually called “the 4 Ps”: Product, Promotion, Place and Price change with seasonal events.

The key advantages of seasonal campaigns are to attract attention to your business in order to increase brand awareness and aim to not only increase visibility among your customers but also enhance chances to convert one-time customers into loyal customers. These, in turn, boost sales and revenue at certain times of the year that could otherwise be “quiet”. For example, Pancake day is an important part of the year for pancake mix manufacturers, where they concentrate their resources on promotions and make the majority of annual sales. Equally, Halloween is basically the only time of the year when we all buy pumpkins.

Analysing social media and using SEO to choose the best AdWords can help marketers to optimise their performance. Data analytics of media and spend for the advertising during the event can help to minimise the drawbacks of seasonal campaigns.

Key disadvantages of seasonal promotion campaigns is that this is the time when your competition will also try to promote their products.  It is also important to keep in mind that during key seasonal periods (e.g. the Christmas season or just before kids go back to school in September), are some of the most expensive periods to run promotional advertising campaigns. Benchmarking of industry standards and choosing the correct time period to launch a campaign is extremely important. Similarly, it is important to choose the Media Channel that drives the best ROI!

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