Online Bank Channel Optimisation


Has the shift from tactical to brand media delivered more customer acquisitions, and what channels should be spent on in the future?

  • Built historical models for savings and mortgage (IFA/Direct) acquisitions
  • Isolated all drivers of customer acquisition including brand media, direct media, interest rate changes, competitive ranking, economy and seasonality
  • Isolated ROI by campaign and channel, including TV, Online Display, Press, Generic Search, Affiliates, Direct Mail and Radio
  • Improvement in profit from a media budget of £8m
  • 95% prediction accuracy validated over 6 month period ‘held’ acquisitions



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Market Mix Modelling is a statistical technique used to both identify and quantify the drivers of any KPI. By calculating the Marketing ROI of different media channels, optimising media plans to maximise returns and creating data visualisations for your brand we can help accelerate business growth. Learn more by watching the video below.

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