Brightblue launch real-time MMM analytics

Brightblue Consulting launches industry-leading real-time market mix modelling analytics tool - REACT.

The modern marketer operates in a much faster environment than of old; this, coupled with mountains of streaming data, can make it difficult to make quick, informed decisions – especially around campaign performance. In our current business environment, marketers need to react quickly and understand the performance of their campaigns. There is a clear need for real-time MMM analytics.

Traditional techniques to quantify campaign performance, such as market mix modelling, take time to source, manipulate, analyse and report on new data streams; usually a 2 month lag between campaign end and results.

To solve this problem we have launched a new real-time MMM analytics tool, REACT, which helps to steer brands and businesses in these fast changing, fluid markets.

REACT facilitates quick decisions and adapts plans and investments using the latest knowledge of performance on a month to month or week to week basis.

Our approach uses APIs to draw data into the cloud and combines advanced market mix modelling with machine learning techniques to dynamically update models. This enables brands to monitor their drivers of growth and progression of ROI on a monthly (or even weekly) basis.

This helps our clients get an almost instant read on campaign performance, allowing them to use hard analytics to react faster and refine plans to achieve maximum growth in the modern, fast-paced world.


Brightblue Consulting are a London based consultancy which help businesses drive incremental profit from their data. We provide predictive analytics that enable clients to make informed decisions based on data and industry knowledge. Through Market Mix Modelling, a strand of Econometrics, Brightblue has a proven track record showing a 30% improvement in marketing Return on Investment for clients’ spend. If you are interested to find out we can help accelerate your business more please contact us through email by clicking here and one of our consultants will get back to you shortly.

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