Brightblue are pleased to announce the launch of our TV Attribution modelling tool into our Brightblue Real Time Platform. TV Attribution provides our clients with the most detailed viewpoint to measure in channel TV efficiency. It can support answering questions on: What TV stations should I buy against? What second lengths are most efficiently? How is my new creative performance working? What
After our expansion into the German market in early 2018, Brightblue Consulting are pleased to announce the launch of a new office in Cape Town, South Africa. The Cape Town office will cover all the Sub-Saharan region while it will be supporting the UK office with its day to day tasks. Leading the SA office will be Ruan van de
Brightblue Tech team have recently updated the design of our Realtime MMM platform. Clients are now able to log in to the Brightblue platform and get a full update on all of the below all in one place: 1. Project Status 2. Data Summary/Recap 3. Marketing Effectiveness Results – including Real ROIs 4. Marketing Optimisation If you want full access
Data analytics is becoming increasingly important as businesses face growing demands for competitive differentiation, enhanced customer service and sustaining financial growth. With company structures transitioning away from ‘top-down’ to ‘bottom-up’, more junior employees are being allowed to make decisions so it is vital that employees at all levels understand how to interpret data efficiently. So exactly how do we make
Consider it’s the late 1980s. Marketing analysts in the US are completing work on a project known as “How Marketing Works”, studying historical data across forty packaged goods companies. As part of this work, the analysts will propose that the so-called long-term impact of advertising can be considered to be, on average, twice the measured short-term uplift. Then spring forward

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