Here at Brightblue, we have developed a culture of progression through constant skill enhancement and development.

Our experience with data processing and analysis, enables us to find and execute the best available solutions with minimal waste of time and money.

We are always open to share our knowledge and help others to improve through mini lectures/classes or even through in depth workshops.

For our existing/prospective clients or to knowledge thirsty individuals/groups, we are able to guide you through from simple data analysis/analytics to “complex” practices as of the preparation for enormous projects; such as an econometric modelling one.

Under our guidance, you will learn to leverage useful tools and techniques that maximize the value of your organization’s data.

Contact us at and let us know how we could help you. An experienced analyst/consultant will contact you directly to discuss your thoughts, and find the best way to help you.





Examples of training sessions offered:

– Marketing / Campaign evaluation framework workshops – helps structure your KPIs and metrics to monitor performance
– Analytics 101 – how to use straightforward statistical methods and data interrogation techniques to leverage your own data, including price elasticity measurement

– Analytics 102 – using more advanced techniques to de-trend, de-seasonalise and validate data

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