Spencer Lucas

Senior Consultant
  • Spence studied at the University of Cambridge where he gained his Bachelors and Masters* in Economics with a focus on microeconomics, business economics and microeconometrics.
  • Since then he has applied his economic and econometric knowledge to a wide range of real world problems. With the Government Economic Service in the Department for Work and Pensions he used humongous data sets to forecast the impact of proposed policy changes.
  • As the online business analyst for Comet he gained a wealth of experience in analysing website sales and traffic in a commercial environment. (This area of the business was actually in growth – it was the brick and mortar stores that led to Comet’s decline!)
  • Spence was an early joiner to the Brightlbue team, bringing his passion to vitalise the industry and adopt new techniques to deliver better results.
  • * The Bachelors is a real degree, the Masters is a freebie

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