Research at Brightblue Consulting

Brightblue Consulting are active in a range of important research areas within Marketing Analysis.

Social Media

Brightblue consulting are currently conducting research into the effectiveness of social media channels in KPIs. This research uses our experience of working in analysing social media to understand the true incremental impact of different social channels. The research we are conducting will also look at the impact of employing a different social media mix.

Media Laydown

Brightblue consulting are also conducting research into developing an optimal media laydown across different industries and markets. Knowing and understanding when the best time to activate each channel is across multiple brands, different channels and campaigns.

Marina Kryukova



Marina heads up Research at Brightblue Consulting. Marina hold a PhD in Financial Economics from Cardiff University and has over a decade’s experience in research and academia. Areas of research Marina is particularly strong in include econometrics, statistics and financial mathematics.


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