Why Measure Social Media?

Social media is one of the fastest growing media channels and businesses are spending more on social media than ever before. Understanding the relative strength of social media channels is becoming increasingly important and allows companies to work towards a combined social media ROI.

What’s more, social media works! But how can we compare the impact of different social media channels and optimise social media strategy?


How to measure Social Media?

Brightblue Consulting use can use econometrics to measure the return on investment of social media.  By isolating the impact of each channel Brightblue are able to quantify an individual ROI.


We are also able to identify the long term and short term impact of social media in driving your KPIs well as measure the impact of social media in combination with traditional media channels such as TV, Outdoor and Display.

Brightblue were involved in the measurement of the award winning social media campaign for Fridge Raiders. You can read the best practice case study here. This case study is also being used as part of the Marketing syllabus at Lancaster University.


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