Out of the Blue – January 2017



Out of the Blue January ’17


Interesting snippets from the world of data

Happy New Year! In the first month of 2017, we’re going to be looking at Obama’s presidency, obesity, food trends and the climate.


What got Better or Worse During Obama’s Presidency?

This interactive article lets you draw (literally) your guesses on how well Obama has done in a range of economic indicators.



How the World got Fat

Obesity has gone up in every country without exception! This comprehensive portrait of world obesity lets you see by how much.


Rhythm of Food

Explore what food and eating habits have been trending over the seasons and years – maybe you can see the next superfood coming!



Earth’s Temperature Timeline

We talk a lot about the future of climate change, but what about the past? Scroll through this timeline to see the historic temperature and future projections.

Hope you had a great start to the year and see you next month!


Out of the Blue – December 2016


Out of the Blue Christmas Special

Interesting snippets from the world of data

We’ve been getting all Christmassy and festive this month and hope so have you!

Santa Superpower

All you need to know about what it means to be Santa for a day. Would you still rather choose to be invisible?

Christmas gifts!

Would you prefer a bike or a board game? Find out which gifts are most popular

Worst of 2016

Social media data can be used to answer many questions – including what was the worst day of 2016?

Christmas Fun

Have you also been humming Mariah Carey recently? Try this brilliant Christmas Song quiz created by Spence!

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I’ll see you in 2017! 



Out of the Blue – November 2016

Out of the Blue #BlackFriday

Interesting snippets from the world of data

This month we look into Black Friday, movies, eating data and spending!


The madness of Black Friday in numbers

Scroll down through this info-graphic to learn all about Black Friday! Who are the Losers and who the Winners?


True or False

Let’s take a look at how accurately these movies represented the reality. Scroll over the timeline to check which scenes where false, and which were truth!

Haven’t you tried eating.. data yet?

The BBC takes us through the interesting subject of “Data Cuisine”. Brightblue insights would taste delicious, don’t you think?!


How do we spend our money?

Take a look at how people spend their  income, filtered by year, income and household composition

Have a great Month and see you next time!Stefan

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Out of the Blue – US Election Special


Out of the Blue (or Red) – U.S. Election Day Special

Interesting snippets from the data world of Clinton and Trump

As the final showdown between Clinton and Trump draws near, take a closer look at the key data with these articles.


Polls, Power and Presidents

Can the polls predict this election? How will the swing states swing?


Stating the Obvious…or not?

Can you guess which States will go red or blue?

Time Moves in Mysterious Ways

Trump seems to be getting more popular in recent weeks. But who now loathes him and who loves him?


Polls apart?

Here are 50 interactive visualisations beginning with the primaries.

Will the Clintons take the White House again? Or will Trump tell the Democrats “You’re fired”?



Out of the Blue – October 2016

Out of the Blue

Interesting snippets from the world of data

This month we look into Ad Spending, Halloween, gun trends and.. other dangerous products

100 years of Ad Spend

Advertising trends over the last few years are frequently discussed, but how about advertising trends during the last 100 years? This article takes us through all the historical facts and figures of the Ad-business.

Gun Sales Trend

When do people in the U.S buy guns and why? An interesting analysis by Bloomberg into one of the most controversial topic of the last few decades, as well as historical comparison!

What sends us to A&E?

Take a look at the monthly trend of the top 250 products that people injure themselves with.. 


Halloween Time!


An insightful article featuring the most popular costumes through time, how costumes could predict elections, and a lot of other interesting stuff for our Halloween enthusiasts out there!

Have a great Month and see you next time!


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