Out of the Blue – July 2016

Out of the blue

Interesting snippets from the world of data

This month you can see what you look like in the style of Van Gogh, how the US election is shaping up  as well as settling the age old debate about what time brunch is. For those who haven’t had enough of the EU referendum you can see the results in a Lego map.


How would you look in a Van Gogh painting?
If you want to know what you’d look like in the style of van Gogh or other artistic styles simply upload an image to Deepart.
US Election Forecaster
With the nominations confirmed the 2016 election is set to be Clinton vs Trump. Find out all you need to know about the election, including the key swing-states to keep an eye on.
Brunch Brunch Brunch!
Social media data can be used to answer many questions – including when exactly does brunch start?

EU Referendum Mapped in Lego
The surprise result in the EU referendum has produced a plethora of data and charts showing the results. But have you seen it in Lego-form?


See you in August.

Out of the Blue – June 2016

Out of the blue

Interesting snippets from the world of data

This month we’ll naturally be looking at the EU Referendum as well as the football, but for those that have heard enough about Europe we also take a look at Westeros for your last Game of Thrones fix before the season finale.


June 2016 - Referendum
Are EU in our Out?
If you simply can’t wait for David Dimbleby to bring you all the action from the EU referendum, why not try out YouGov’s referendum forecaster to see if we remain or leave?
June 2016 - Football
Football Forecaster
Our fate with the EU hangs in the balance, but how much longer will England, Wales and Northern Ireland remain in the Euros? Input your results to this predictor to see who you think will go the distance.
May 2016 - GoT
Game of Thrones Goes to Business School
Is your management style less Daenerys Targaryen and more Tywin Lannister? Answer a few questions to find out how you’d survive in Westeros. (Spoiler free!)
May 2016 - Rights

Gay Rights Through The Ages
Find out how Gay rights have changed since France legalised homosexuality in the late 1700’s.


See you in July.

Out of the Blue – May 2016

Out of the blue

Interesting snippets from the world of data

This month’s newsletter is highly topical, with data on the US election and EU referendum here in the UK plus a look at the science behind Leicester City’s emphatic EPL victory.


Trump and Clinton make history
Both Trump and Clinton are more disliked in America than any other nominee at this point in the presidential cycle. By a country mile.

How women can win at dating
Who sends more messages? Who gets more replies? Would you split the dinner bill on a first date? OKCupid reveals the similarities and differences between men and women, and shows how women can win at dating

Fluky foxes

Leicester City weren’t lucky, they were the best on and off the pitch this season. They used a lot of science – have you ever tried a Nordboard or been in a -135C ice chamber? Find out what you’ve been missing…



Should I stay or should I go now?
This interactive poll tracker shows how many people want to stay and how many want to go in the great EU referendum. There are some stark differences between geographies, sexes, ages and political parties.



It’s getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes
April was the seventh month in a row where the temperature was more than 1C hotter than the 1951-80 average for that month. Yikes. Check out this animation for a bit of perspective.

By the way, we have moved to a new workspace down Corsham St in Old St.  Drop by for a coffee or a beer (it’s free, all day every day!).

Hope you’ve had a great May – see you in June.

Terry Fribence

Out of the Blue – April 2016

Out of the blue

Interesting snippets from the world of data

There are some really new and interesting ways of visualising data, so in this months newsletter we look at a range of these dynamic, interactive and topical charts.  Hope you enjoy!

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate?
Thinking about avoiding the measles vaccine for your kids?  This impressive visualisation showing the simulated spread of the disease may convince you otherwise…
Network of thrones
Someones had the time to do find out how the characters are connected in Game of Thrones – makes for interesting reading if you’re a fan.
Never been married
An interesting example of an interactive chart showing proportion of people not getting married.  Who knew that the employed are more likely to be married.
Obama popular in the Middle East
A cool bubble map showing the number of headline articles by topic.  Interestingly Obama is just as topical in the Middle East as he is in the US.
Beyond the sea
What’s really across the ocean from you when you look straight out? These maps show what you should see from different coasts around the world.
By the way, we have moved to a new workspace down Corsham St in Old St.  Drop by for a coffee or a beer (its free, all day every day!).

Hope you’ve had a great April – see you in May.

Michael Cross

Out of the Blue – March 2016

Out of the blue

Interesting snippets from the world of data

Once again data brings some new interesting facts for us to explore. In this month’s Out of the Blue, we’ll be looking at the famous English companies, internet activities, different standards of living in the world and evolution of food industry. Enjoy!

World of seven billion
We are living in the world of seven billion. What do we know about where and how we live? This map sheds light on our standards of living, using categories established by the World Bank.


The Internet In 60 Seconds
Did you know that in just 1 Internet minute various different things happen? To visualize it all down, Qmee designed this straightforward infographic which shows the various activities performed on-line in just 60 seconds.


Where England’s companies started
Do you know where England’s famous companies started?  Have a look into every region of England on  this map to find the most recognizable companies and brands which came to life there.


Mealtime Moments
Is it lunch time or you just hungry? With this visualisation explore and learn about some of mankind’s important steps in the food industry.


Enjoy spring sunny days and have a lovely Easter break!

See all of you in April!

Marina Kryukova

Out of the Blue – February 2016

Out of the blue

Interesting snippets from the world of data

Still sticking to that healthier diet you’ve promised to undertake in January? In this month’s Out of the Blue, we’ll be looking at the British diet, Trump, how dating has changed and what it would be like to live in other countries.


Trump the Grump
Feel like you have lost track of all Donald Trump’s insults? Here is a (very) extensive list of the 199 people, places and things that Trump has insulted on Twitter.


Love Me Tinderly
Hopefully you’ve celebrated this Valentine’s Day with the one you love. If you didn’t, this graph shows some popular (and unpopular) channels to meet the opposite sex, and how they have changed over time. (Full article)




Evolution of the British Diet
Consumptions of carbs, tea & raw sugar have declined, but treats are still loved! This interactive visualisation explores how the Britain’s diet has changed over the last 4 decades, across hundreds of food & beverages. 



Understand Life Outside Your Home
You are 9 times more likely to be murdered in Russia and consume 96.86% oil in North Korea compared to the UK. Gain insights into what life might be like in other countries through statistics on this website.
Hope you’ve had a fabulous February – see you in March!

Le Duong

Out of the Blue – January 2016

Out of the blue

Interesting snippets from the world of data

Our first newsletter for 2016. The Brightblue team is looking forward to the year ahead and hope you are too.


2016 is the new you… Ever wondered what others are up to while you’re sweating in the Gym? This interactive visualisation shows what the people do day to day. It is slightly hypnotic, don’t stare for too long as you might miss that Spinning class!



2016 new years resolutions are well under way. And well, we have all been to the Gym and starting a new diet. How about cooking with the latest ‘best for you’ oil? Find out what makes up Coconut versus Hemp.


The world is still turning. El Nino is still having a huge impact. Currents are constantly on the move. Have an interactive whirl wind tour of the world – another hypnoticmesmerizing chart.


So the winter is over, don’t you think? Surely we won’t wear our thick Christmas jumpers this season, but will we need to swap our cars with boats – that’s the question… Find out how and why the Earth’s climate is changing over time.


Crazy weather aside, for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, the days are getting longer day by day and soon enough it will be Spring – keep that in mind when it is rainy, snowy and windy.



Out of the Blue – December 2015

Out of the blue

Interesting snippets from the world of data

Let the festivities begin! The Brightblue team is happy to present our annual Christmas & New Year newsletter. Please sit back, click, and enjoy!

As 2015 shifts into history,
let’s take a look at our planet’s lifetime through the eyes of Wikipedia. Scroll through time, and choose your preferred topics to explore this impressive animation.



Fancy calendars? 
Explore the Economist’s Christmas countdown calendar; taking you closer and closer to the festive period with a chart a day.



And.. something on Christmas weather!
 In this article, the Met Office makes sure we know everything about Christmas weather. Only problem, there is no indication on what is coming ahead. What do you think.. White Christmas?



And now, let’s take a look ahead into 2016!
Bloomberg Business reveals everything you need to know on making your 2016 investment decisions. (Brightblue does not bear any responsibilities for the unfortunate investment choices you have eventually taken)



Enjoy the festive days all, and Brightblue wishes you an amazing and productive New Year.

See you in 2016!

Prokopis Ellinas

Out of the Blue – November 2015

Out of the blue

Interesting snippets from the world of data

As the year draws to a close in this month’s Out of the Blue we look at whether James Bond prefers drinking or killing, a great visualisation on climate change, how the UK has become addicted to online shopping and we look at some alternate universe Premier League tables.


Bond vs Bond. How does the latest James Bond incarnation stack up against his predecessors? It turns out that Daniel Craig is no stranger to killing or the odd Martini but he appears to be less of a ladies-man than Bonds of the past.


Climate, Correlation, Causation. If you’re still unconvinced about climate change then this great visualisation neatly illustrates all the factors possibly pushing up global temperatures and comes to a familiar conclusion…

An island of online shoppers.How do UK online shopping habits compare with the rest of the world? It turns out that the UK outranks almost every other country in Europe spending $1,629 per person in 2015.

Premier League Winners and Loser.This great info-graphic neatly demonstrates how the 2014/2015 season of the Premier League would vary in different scenarios. What if all games stopped at half time? How about if all shots on target went in?
Check back next month for a special December edition!

Andy Jones


Out of the Blue – October 2015

Out of the blue

Interesting snippets from the world of data

This month we look at what happens when logos go wrong. We also show how you can use online tools in interesting ways, such as to find a room-mate with ‘bants’ or to find out your position in the world. We wrap up with a look at the world of Vogue and how much it costs to look good.


Terrible logos.
 Most logos have a story behind them and often a hidden meaning. For these it was the unintentional, not-so-hidden meaning that got them into trouble


Where all the cool people live. 
Searching for a new house-mate? Enjoy ‘banter’? Then look no further than this little tool from Spare Room


Where do you sit in the world? 
Find out if you are officially young or old on population.io. I am old for the World but on the young-side in the UK


Dress to impress.
 These guys wondered how much it would cost to look as good as the people in one issue of Vogue. Almost $1m apparently. Check out this infographic to see where you need to spend the money


Til next month,Terry Fribence

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