Brightblue specialise in test and control shopper analysis combining our experience in econometrics and retail to build models that measure the impact from shopper activity.

Why measure shopper actvity?

Shopper activity works alongside the traditional media channels to add value to the brand, the category and also help develop the customer relationship.


Shopper tends to be lower spend than other media or promotional activity. This makes shopper measurement difficult to analyse using traditional Market Mix Models. Using statistical modelling Brightblue are able to isolate the impact of shopper on key KPIs and understand a true shopper ROI.

How do we do it?

Brightblue perform statistical modelling on store-level sales to understand the impact shopper activity has in each store.



After controlling for price, promotions, competitors and other external effects Brightblue are able to get sales volume uplift as well as a revenue and profit ROI for shopper activity.

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