The modern marketer operates in a much faster environment than of old; this, coupled with mountains of streaming data, can make it difficult to make quick, informed decisions – especially around campaign performance. Traditional techniques to quantify campaign performance, such as market mix modelling, take time to source, manipulate, analyse and report on new data streams; usually a 2 month
This will be led by our Consumer Insight Director Ulrike Hamacher who has over 15 years experience across the German and UK market. Of the expansion, Uli said: “I am looking forward to leading Brightblue’s German language service. Whilst we have offered our marketing effectiveness services in Germany over the last two years, my experience in the German market provides
Clutch is a ranking and review platform for B2B technology companies. Their analysts recently conducted independently verified interviews with some of our top clients. We are happy to announce that based on Clutch’s research we have been placed on the shortlist of top UK performers. Out of nearly 100 UK based analytics firms, Brightblue Consulting is ranked first and out
Can computers really learn? It was the father of computer science himself, Alan Turing, who once said that, ‘if a machine is expected to be infallible, it cannot also be intelligent.’ Decades ahead of his time, Turing had already anticipated the difficulties that would come with developing artificial intelligence. His theory would later become the bases of modern machine learning
Align marketing analytics objectives with the wider marketing objectives Set clear and realistic objectives that fit into the wider goals of the marketing plan. No good can come from starting a project with the intention of understanding how to increase revenue from marketing activity if the key goal of the year is to increase awareness of the brand, or drive

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