In this fast paced world it is important for businesses both big and small to stay on top of new developments, but also to challenge and adapt to changing market conditions.  R&D creative workshops are a good way to keep your business relevant and ahead of the competition. Why is it important for businesses to improve? In order to survive,
While TV advertising remains a staple fixture due to reliability and constant delivery of performance, digital advertising has changed the game somewhat in the last twenty years. In fact, Forbes recently reported that internet advertising has surpassed TV in the U.S. This is due to an increase in responsive ads, video ads, native advertising and Facebook expanding their advertising revenue
It is no news that businesses are being flooded with ever increasing amounts of data from multiple sources. The task of extracting, processing and investigating ever more complex data structures can cause difficulties for businesses, both in terms of speed of reporting and insight, but also how frequent they can get to the insight. Consequently, valuable data is often not
The television became a tool of communication in the 1950’s where it was the primary medium of influencing public opinion. But since then, it has changed significantly. The last ten years has seen it expand to Smart TVs and digital television where the only requirement necessary is a simple wifi connection. In fact, according to TV Licensing the amount of
Blockchain technology is a digital decentralised ledger that records and safely stores transactions – think of a really secure database. Originally it was created to support Bitcoin where all transactions are recorded however, it has since found a new path in the digital advertising world. Essentially it is this technology that underpins cryptocurrencies which can be applied to ad transactions,

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