At the start of the year it is often a good idea to get out the crystal ball and think about what next. Here we take a look at the three factors that will impact the future of Market Mix Modelling. Still the best way to measure the long-term impact This is an area that sets Market Mix Modelling apart
We are pleased to announce that Brightblue Consulting are now working with furniture retailer Oak Furnitureland to improve and optimise the company’s media investment strategy. Look what the press has to say: Marketing analytics firm Brightblue Consulting announced that it has been retained by furniture retailer Oak Furnitureland to provide marketing analysis and help optimise the company’s media investment strategy.
We live in a time where customers demand fast service and businesses demand more data. The trouble is, processing bigger datasets and finding insights can be time consuming. Without the right tools, too much information can sometimes act as a hindrance. One solution we believe should be more prevalent in the near future is the use of real-time dashboards which
Brightblue have built a dynamic chart showing the progression of UK media spend by channel over the past 20 years – worth noting the gains by PPC/Google seemingly to the expense of Press, whilst TV spend has remained strong. The big question is if this is the right media mix for effectiveness? See the UK media spend by channel video
Over the month of November Brightblue R&D team have been looking at analytical techniques from other industries and how they can be applied within the Marketing industry. We will share with you 3 of those techniques that can be used to provide the most amount of value from businesses data. Part 3: Data Visualisation Data visualisation is a powerful way

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