Our Marketing ROI Process

We make sure that marketing ROI is integral to business decisions by using the following attributes in our process:

  • Bright & Dynamic – At the forefront of marketing ROI developments – Social, Big Data, etc..
  • Commercial – Business understanding, media expertise and P&L literate
  • Clear Delivery – Modelling explained clearly and emphasis on training
  • Independent – Independently owned and operated - no conflict of interests
  • Empowering – Delivery of clear actions based in profit to drive business change

We have expertise building financial and market mix models in a number of different industry sectors including Retail, FMCG, Automotive, Telecoms, Finance, Electricals, Travel, Not-For-Profit to name a few. We are based in the UK and have extensive experience and reach across Europe, the Americas and APAC.

To find out more about how market mix modelling / econometrics can improve your marketing ROI, please click here to contact us.

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    Michael Cross

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    My passion using data to solve problems – finding an answer based on numeric proof is what I find really…

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    One of the most interesting parts of our analysis is discovering something completely new and unexpected from the data. These…

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    Amy has over 10 years delivering marketing ROI consulting projects to clients.  Before being a Director at Brightblue, Amy held…

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    Paul is a real heavyweight when it comes to data and marketing, and his CV speaks for itself: European CEO…

Our process ensures the marketing ROI and evaluation projects have the highest level of engagement:

  • Briefing – Asking questions about your business, marketing strategy and the P&L.
  • Modelling – Building the models can be on-site or off-site depending on the clients preference.
  • Initial Workshop – Dynamic environment to capture commercial aspects and help sculpt key actions.
  • Final Delivery – Results delivered in a very clear, non-technical way, developing trust in the process.
  • Follow Up – Delivery to senior audiences and advice on strategies to ensure work used to the fullest.

Throughout our projects the client is continually engaged via a weekly catch up call or email, outlining what has been done, what there is to do and any outstanding issues.

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