Out of the Blue – April 2017


Out of the Blue April ’17

Interesting snippets from the world of data

In this month’s Out of the Blue, we’ll be looking at: What links a clever astrophysicist and racial diversity? What does a hard Brexit even mean? How do you measure a commute? and What goes on in our skies in a day.




An astrophysicist makes a detailed map of US racial diversity

Tomasz Stepinski turns his attention to Earth, with this stunning map.

The EU isn’t the only tie that binds us to Europe
Europe is a complex system of treaties and agreements, here’s a clever reminder of what will remain…

My commute is 42 minutes, sometimes, on a good day, mostly…

Turns out the better you measure it, the longer it gets!


Mapping the skies!

A fantastic representation of what happens in the heavens above over a day in May…

Have a fantastic month and May the 4th be with you!







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