Out of the Blue – March 2017


Out of the Blue March ’17

Interesting snippets from the world of data

In this month’s Out of the Blue, we’ll be looking at most expensive google search term, Brexit by numbers, the global cost of healthcare and the international number ones.




What’s the most expensive search term?

Google were the talk of “Advertising week Europe” this month, but what is the most expensive Google search term?

Brexit by numbers

After the triggering of Artcile 50 this month, take a look through some of the key data that will guide the Brexit negotiations


The global cost of healthcare

With healthcare a hot topic in America this month, this interesting read takes a detailed look at the cost of healthcare across countries.


International number ones

This infographic provides a map showing what trait every country is best at.

Have a great month and see you next time.








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Would you like to share your thoughts?

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