Out of the Blue – US Election Special


Out of the Blue (or Red) – U.S. Election Day Special

Interesting snippets from the data world of Clinton and Trump

As the final showdown between Clinton and Trump draws near, take a closer look at the key data with these articles.


Polls, Power and Presidents

Can the polls predict this election? How will the swing states swing?


Stating the Obvious…or not?

Can you guess which States will go red or blue?

Time Moves in Mysterious Ways

Trump seems to be getting more popular in recent weeks. But who now loathes him and who loves him?


Polls apart?

Here are 50 interactive visualisations beginning with the primaries.

Will the Clintons take the White House again? Or will Trump tell the Democrats “You’re fired”?




Would you like to share your thoughts?

Would you like to share your thoughts?

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