Out of the Blue – October 2016

Out of the Blue

Interesting snippets from the world of data

This month we look into Ad Spending, Halloween, gun trends and.. other dangerous products

100 years of Ad Spend

Advertising trends over the last few years are frequently discussed, but how about advertising trends during the last 100 years? This article takes us through all the historical facts and figures of the Ad-business.

Gun Sales Trend

When do people in the U.S buy guns and why? An interesting analysis by Bloomberg into one of the most controversial topic of the last few decades, as well as historical comparison!

What sends us to A&E?

Take a look at the monthly trend of the top 250 products that people injure themselves with.. 


Halloween Time!


An insightful article featuring the most popular costumes through time, how costumes could predict elections, and a lot of other interesting stuff for our Halloween enthusiasts out there!

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